RV New Zealand Self Drive Vacation

A vacation to New Zealand is like getting a double treat in a lot of ways. Not only can you go skiing in July, but you can also relax on the beach with your friends in the same country. New Zealand is an island; in fact, it’s two. Exploring the North and South Islands with your friends will require about two weeks of your time and a dedicated group. There’s a lot of driving involved, so it’s best to opt for NZ self drive holidays as your main touring activity.

Extreme RV Vacation: New Zealand

While there’s nothing extreme about recreational vehicles, they are the best ways to cross, New Zealand’s extreme islands. If you’re truly adventure oriented, you should try spending the night in the wilderness. RV camping grounds are also big enough to accommodate tents and spikes, making additional convenient shelter in heavy rain or extreme cold. You should definitely have first aid kit dedicated specifically to treating sprains and cuts. These setbacks are going to happen if you plan on taking full advantage of New Zealand’s hiking and outdoor opportunities. You should begin your vacation in Auckland one evening in Early July. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and it will appeal to anyone who enjoys a metropolitan atmosphere. In the morning you can choose to go sightseeing to begin your NZ adventure.

North Island Adventures

You can have a great vacation on the North Island even if you don’t go skiing. Pure Dirt Tours lets you tear across acres of private land on dirt bikes. Rockup Adventures is another excellent North Island attraction to visit. Rock climbing is physically and mentally challenging and it’s definitely extreme. Waipari Wilderness Adventure features big game hunting to help you relieve some tension. Sky diving, extreme kayaking and everything else you can imagine is found on he North Island. Which ever direction you choose to go next, your RV’s will keep you comfortable. Plan your North Island Trip carefully, because you don’t want to get delayed. You’re only getting started, because the South Island still awaits.

After conquering the North Islands

Kiwi Discovery is a great place to explore regardless of the season. From skiing to snowboarding to extreme hiking, New Zealand holiday tours deliver. This attraction is also found in the South Island’s most populous city of Queenstown. It should be noted that the South Island is substantially more rugged than the North. There’s lot more open road and the attractions are further apart. However, you’ll need time to recuperate after challenging this extreme land down under. You can alternate who spends time in which RV so everyone gets to bond with the others. You should also explore the wilderness of the South Island to see unique wildlife like kiwis and echidnas.

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The Ultimate Island Vacation

Just skiing in July is worthy of a lifetime memory, and it puts you into a very select group of people. There are literally dozens of different challenges in every direction in New Zealand. Select a few of the best events on each island and plan your vacation around those. If you visit the Pure Dirt Tours there will be dozens of bungee jumping, sky diving and kayaking adventures within driving distance.