We market various Kerala Auyrvedic packages conducted by reputed Ayurcare institutions in Kerala. Some of the programs and packages conducted by our principals are:-

  1. Treatment For Various Deceases
  2. Various Massages
  3. Yoga
  4. Panchakarma
  5. Life Style Disease Package
  6. Beauty Care Package
  7. Spinecare Packages
  8. Diabetes care Packages
  9. Rejuvenation Therapies
  10. Weight Management Packages
  11. Detoxification Packages
  12. Stress Relief/ Relaxation Packages
  13. Infertility Treatment
  14. Honeymoon Packages To Ensure Healthy Children

Please contact us with your specific requirements in Ayurcare Therapies and we will put you through to the right person/institution that will address your needs and concerns.

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