Kerala Conventions

Kerala has eveolved into a prime deatination for corporate bodies for the following events:

v     conventions or conferences for managers, top level executives, Agents and the like

v     Corporate and institutional brain-storming sessions

v     Award sessions

v    Corporate and instituional seminars

Whatever the event you have in mind, please contact us to ensure that it is managed professionally in the most relaxing ambience. In the past few years or so Houseboats have evolved into a very popular ambiance for holding all kinds of business conventions, family reunions, marriage receptions and the like.

There is a reason our meetings are better. We listen better, we strategize better, we implement, And we exceed your expectations
Our professionalism help you to achieve the targeted outcomes from your Conference/convention
Our contacts help you to identify efficient service providers
Our presence enhances your negotiating power with others
We alleviate your implementation hiccups
Our assistance will support you with innovative ideas in conference/convention planning
Our Planning expertise helps you to implement your conference project within budgeted cost and time frames
Every event we organize will have a professional touch, from conceptualization to implementation
Ours is a specialized and competent organization customized for your individual needs.
Our transparent pricing system and contracted rate with the service providers help your event become cost effective
We will apply every resource to ensure your event is a resounding success
We meticulously plan corporate conferences and seminars bringing in exceptional creativity and attention to details.
We specialize in turnkey conference management services for a large number of corporate and medical associations.
Motivational meetings, conventional multimedia shows, theme banquets, ceremonies and galas incorporating innovative décor, entertainment and promotions, are part of our repertoire.
Graphic design and production of your promotional materials and programs, Public and Media exercise, advertising and support services all in-house.
We will provide the innovative thinking, expertise and dynamism that will make your event a truly unique and highly memorable experience.
We work with our clients providing you with the highest standards of personnel service and professionalism, which ensure that your delegates enjoy the best possible of services.

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