International Tour Packages

We specialize in arranging international tour packages to individuals and small groups. Unlike the large group packages or conducted tours, we cater mainly to the adventure-traveler. The main defect with such large conducted group tours in buses is that the number of tourists are nearly fifty and a lot of valuable time is wasted for all to catch up with the group. What is more meals are held in restaurants which more often than not do not have the facilities to serve large numbers of tourists at the same time. Consequently valuable time is again wasted standing in line for food or waiting for tables to be cleared. But the biggest problem with conducted tours is that the tourists are herded around like sheep, and in the process there is little or no time to savor a location or to shop around a little more. You always have to keep one eye on the watch and another on the group to ensure that you do not lose your way. What is more should you lose your way it can be very traumatic for you wondering whether you can find your group again, especially when the group is likely to lodge at another hotel from the the one you stayed the day before. Group tours also do not give you the opportunity to mingle with the local population and to savor the local cuisine and culture at will. All these problems associated with conducted package tours are eliminated if you go it alone or in small groups. All that is required is a little courage and a spirit of adventure.

The best advantage with travelling alone or in small groups is that you can often save on tour costs by going in for budget accommodation to suit your purse. Thus cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong have reasonably decent accommodation available from Rs.750/- per night onward.

In addition, whereas 3 and 4 star accommodations are often situated on the outskirts of towns the budget accommodations are always smack in the center of the town, and this can save you considerable time, money and trouble.

With tours in small groups you can also try out the local transport system at very economic rates. Thus cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have excellent state-of-the-art bus, train and other mass transport facilities at reasonable rates. Travelling on these modern systems can be a unique experience to the average tourist from places like India. When you go with a conducted packaged tour such opportunities cannot be had.

So pick up your courage and go it small. Small is beautiful in tours also. Explore India Tour company helps you book your tour however small your group is. What is more we have every kind of accommodation to suit your budget.

We see regularly  men and women of all ages from the West touring India all alone or in small groups. If they can do it why cant you?

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